Gaming Association

for students in Oslo and Akershus!

About Us

UniPlay is a student association at University of Oslo. We're an association which aims towards students who are interested in video games and the social environment which can be created through gaming, events, discussions and similar.

We're hosting events for our members related to gaming, but also having servers which are open to the whole world!

Seeking the thrill in GTA Online? Click here to join our crew!

Become member

All students in higher educational institutes (e.g. University and College) in Norway can become members of UniPlay.

You pay only 50 NOK each semester to become a member. Why should you become a member? See below!

Free events

UniPlay hosts a varierity of events during the semester, as a member you would be able to access free of charge all of our events!

Rent 24h Server

You can rent a server for 24 hours for free! Use it to play with your friends or competitors! We offer CS:GO (ESL Config), TF2 and Garry's Mod.

25% off

You'll get a 25% off coupon you can use at If you're looking for domains, VPS, web host and more!

Teamspeak Channels

You get the member rank on Teamspeak which grants you access to Association channels, where no one can bother you!

Upcoming events

UniPlay hosts a varierity of events during the semester, some accure more frequently than others.

Smash Turnament

Every* Friday we host a Super Smash Bros. turnament for those of you who are interested. And at the end of the month we have a bigger turnament where the players get to fight for the title as "UiOs Best Smash Player"!

Game Night

Every* Saturday evening we choose a game to play and meet up on UniPlay's Teams Speak Server.

For upcoming events check out our facebook page!

Make sure to like our Facebook Page and Steam Group to get notified about events and news from us!